Precision Engineered Glass

We offer high quality precision engineered glass solutions. Customised glass components and customised glass products for a wide range of customers with unique requirements.

What We Offer

Defence and security

Developing high-quality solutions for unique requirements of the MOD. Including custom made lenses for aircraft and sight glasses for vessels.


Precision glass offer optical windows and diffusers that meet all scientific instrument applications including UV-Visible and NIR wavelengths.


Production of precision glass & optics that are transforming the medical industry.


Production of lightweight, tough and optically advantaged glass for electronic mirror, dash and console glass with enhanced ergonomics and our fresh design appeal.

Electronics and Technology

Production of high quality optical glass for electronic systems.

Retail and Lighting

Production of retail glass for lighting solutions including AG AR lenses, display glass, ATM and vending solutions.

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Top-Rated Company

Why Choose Us


We have worked in our field for many years. We deliver, every time.


We offer a timely, high quality and cost effective glass manufacturing solution from design to production.


We work alongside you. Think of us as an extension of your own offices

3 Easy Steps

Our Work Process


Design Excellence

We begin with meticulous design and engineering, tailoring glass solutions to your specific industrial needs.


Precision Fabrication

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure precise manufacturing, adhering to the highest quality standards.


Reliable Delivery

We deliver on time, every time, to support your projects' success, fostering lasting partnerships with our clients.

Top-Rated Company

How it Works

Unmatched Expertise

We bring decades of expertise in precision glass engineering to every project.

Tailored Solutions

Our custom approach ensures glass products designed specifically for your needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We offer a timely, high quality and cost effective glass manufacturing solution from design to production.

Reliability and Trust

Count on us for on-time delivery and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have clients who prefer other materials such as acrylic or aluminosilicate clay.
We can use our expertise to manufacture most materials according to your specification.
Our products are mostly used in cockpit and vehicle displays, field instruments, HUD and HMD displays.

Yes, If you require precision cover glass an optical sensor windows or other small format glass component, then we have the most innovative and advanced processing options to convert nearly any glass material to your desired specification.

We handle large volume orders on a daily basis. We are selective with our clientele and promise in return to be a professional, reliable and friendly supplier.
Yes, we accept most digital format. Please contact us with your requirements.
We support clients in the following sectors. Medical, Defence, Engineering, Security, Optical, Automotive, Electronic and Aerospace. We also support clients in other sectors such as retail and lighting.

About Precision Glass

Pioneering Precision Engineered Glass Solutions Across Diverse Industries

Crafting Cutting-Edge Glass Products to Elevate Innovation and Performance

At Precision Glasses, we specialize in precision-engineered glass solutions tailored to the unique demands of industries such as defense, lighting, medical, optical, aerospace, electronics, scientific, and automotive.

Our commitment to excellence drives innovation and advances technology across diverse sectors.


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What Our Customers Say?

Don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from our valued customers about their experiences with our high-quality glass solutions.

"Pleased to have found Precision Glasses”. Our order was fulfilled on time. The quality is excellent . The attention to detail noted and we are pleased to have found a supplier in Precision Glasses.

Katie Jones Customer

"From start to finish what a impeccable and professional service”. I now have no worries about placing orders and receiving our glass orders on time to a very high standard. Which has always been difficult in this industry.

David Watkins Customer

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